Petra M J Lovrekovic

1975   Born Mainz, Germany
1994 – 1995   BTEC General Art & Design Diploma | Cambridge Arts and Sciences | Cambridge, U.K.
1995 – 1998   B.A. (Hons) Fine Art | University College Falmouth | Cornwall, U.K.
Lovrekovic lives and works in Germany and Croatia.

Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been fascinated with the interaction of different cultures, languages and most of all people. During my travels through Europe, I became aware of universal languages, mainly through pictorial road signs and icons that give directions and instructions to replace the need for words. Then there is body language and understanding the power of giving and receiving something so small as a smile. Through my travels in Europe these silent communications became the underpinnings of this series.

While traveling, sometimes with limited supplies, I resort to using found objects like old newspapers or sandwich bags for canvas. Mud, tape and organic materials make ominous marks on the surface to become a physical means of interacting with the environment I am placed in. My most creative moments are when I am left with nothing and forced to create with new materials.

My technique is a reflection of this mantra that life is about giving and taking. I apply my materials and take them away, much like everyone does in aspects of his or her own life. Imagine this in a simple situation, like volumes in a conversation, a discussion becoming an argument and back down again. Hard, carved lines interrupt the surface in this reactionary way, where distinct positives and negatives make up these cities and landscapes. Each piece of paper in this visual journal is an impression of a dialogue within a space.